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Электронная версия «Живая речь. Le russe parlé pour la vie quotidienne. Niveau élémentaire А1»

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Bibliographic description

Authors: Irina Andréeva, Eléna Arsénova, Kirill Mikityants
Language edition: fr
Translator: Eléna Arsénova
Number of pages: 270
Publisher: Арт-Экспресс
ISBN: 978-5-4391-0133-7
Publishing year: 2014

Can Do

After 60 learning hours you will be able


The first part (Elementary level А1) aims to build an enabling communication, linguistic foundation, expounding the basic functions of three cases (nominative, prepositional, accusative). The material of this level is the necessary linguistic minimum. Without it the passage to the next stage, where the verbal aspects and the genitive case are introduced (А1+), is impossible.

The coursebook contains 10 units, calculated at 60 academic hours, and an introductive phonetics course.

Phonetics course:

  • specifics of the Russian articulation
  • reading rules
  • phonetic phenomens , related to the grammar

Big grammatical topics are divided into blocks, which are comfortable to conceive and to include into the active communication. There is a key to all exercises at the end of the coursebook.

The teaching material has a simple structure:

  • lexicogrammatical comments
  • examples with translation
  • practice exercises

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